Transcribed from Volume I 1853-1900
"Jordan Minnesota, A Newspaper Looks At A Town"
Compiled and edited by Gail Anderson


 1886- 1887


1886- The infant child of John and Mary WACEK, died Weds., aged 8 mos. from spasms caused by teething, sick but a few hours.
JUNE 30, 1886.  Mr. STUMEL, who was married june 21st, left for parts unknown Saturday of the same week, leaving his bride behind. (More later) (see below)
JUNE 1886- TRAGEDY IN HELENA,  Mrs. STUMEL, nee Miss Ursula KIEFER, was found dead in her home near Helena this morning in a very decayed state. She had not been seen since last Thursday.  It is supposed she has been dead ever since.  She was married June 14.  Her husband departed fro the West June 18, leaving her home alone.   It is not known if it was suicide or murder, but points strongly to the latter, as the door was locked and the key as on the outside. (continued below)
MYSTERIOUS DEATH OF ABANDONED BRIDE, Last week we reported the mysterious death of Mrs. Ursula STUMEL in Helena.  An inquest held by Coroner HERSCHER, and DR. MULHOLLAND disected the body.  He found the stomach contained poison, supposedly paris green, as paris green was found on a spoon and paper containing dust of the poison was found on the table. When the remains were found, the clothing was scattered about the room and her wedding dress nearby, as if it was her intention to put it on before dying, but the deadly poison made itself manifest before she had time to dress.  The remains were badly decomposed, furniture, household utensils, clothing etc., were in dilapidated condition indicating she had been dead several days.  The door was not locked, but the key was in the lock on the outside, and a chair placed against it from within.  The jury brought a verdict that the deceased died by poison taken from her own hands.
OCTOBER 11, 1886 - News From Belle Plaine- Frank ZAK was killed Friday at 9 p.m., by the Cannon Ball Train about a half a mile out of town while returning home from town.  When found, the body was horribly mangled beyond recognition.  He was intoxicated when leaving town.  Those saloonkeepers that sold him intoxicants have a grave responsibility against them.  Our Village Council should enforce the ordinance to the dignity of the village.
NOVEMBER 24, 1886, Mrs. WM. MILLER, of Lydia died Monday after a long suffering with consumption.  She is a member of the M.E. Church. She leaves a husband and six small children, parents and numerous other relatives & friends to mourn her departure.
NOVEMBER 24, 1886,  DIED, Mrs. John SIEFERT, at her home two miles south of Jordan Monday morning at 3:00a.m.  Aged 50 years.  Funeral services were held Tuesday afternoon at St. John's Church in Jordan.  Deceased was a sister of Geo. C. SCHMITT, was an old settler of Scott County, having moved here in 1856.
DECEMBER 8, 1886- DIED, the infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Geo. GABLE JR.
DECEMBER 15 & 22, 1886, Bertha, wife of Sebastian GEHRING, died Friday, Dec 17, age 50 years, 11 months.  She has been a long and patient sufferer, having been very feeble the last two years, though not confined to her bed all this time.  Her last severe illness lasted but nine days.  Last Friday evening at 5 o'clock, with husband, daughter & friends gathered at her bedside, bowed with sorrow, her spirit passed gently out.  She was born in Barchlen, Machlenberg, Germany.  Married in St. Paul Aug., 1857.  In the spring of 1866 they moved to Jordan, where they lived until her death.  Services were from the German Lutheran church.  A large concourse of friends followed the remains to their last resting place in Spirit Hill Cemetery.
DECEMBER 1886 (no date) A few cases of diphtheria are reported from Spring Lake Twp.  Children of a Mr. CONNELLY are suffering from the dread disease, and a daughter of 12 died last week.
JANUARY & FEBRUARY 1887, (no date)  The twin children of the Jacob EICHENS of St. Benedict died. age 2 mo.
FEBRUARY 1887, DIED, at his home in Chaska, Florian LINENFELSER, 57.  He suffered a stroke of paralysis about five weeks ago.  Born in 1829 in Oestringen, Baden, he came to America in 1853.  He went to California the same year and worked in the gold mines.  In 1857 he opened a general merchandise business in Chicago.  He leaves a wife and six children.  One daughter is wife of Henry NICOLIN of Jordan.  Mr. LINENFELSER'S business enterprises have all been very successful.  He was also in the wheat business of LINENFELSERS AND FABER.  His family are left well provided for.
MAY & JUNE 1887, George F. STRAIT of Shakopee died at his home there Monday.  He was anearly settler of Shakopee, and for three terms mayor.  He was senior member of the milling firm of Geo. F. STRAIT & CO.
JULY 1887, Gerhard, youngest son of Frank and Sophia NICOLIN, died at their home here Friday, July 1. Aged 17 years.  During his life he remained with his parents, except for one year at St. John's College, Minnesota.  He was a devoted member of the Catholic religion, and a member of St. John's Young Men's Society.  His sudden death was a shock.  Until Sunday he was in apparent good health.  Not until a short time before his death did anyone expect it. Death was caused by an absess of the abdomen which was being treated by Dr. MULHOLLAND of Jordan and HAND of St. Paul.  Eight hundred persons escorted the remains to the cemetery.  The cortege reached from the church nearly to the Catholic cemetery.
AUGUST & SEPTEMBER 1887, DIED, Three year old daughter of Chas. KALGRIN of inflamation of the bowels.

F.J. WHITLOCK, an old pioneer of Scott County, quietly passed away at his home in Belle Plaine last Friday.

DIED, Saturday the 27th the infant child of Mr. & Mrs. WM. MEISENBRINK.  Funeral from the Lutheran church.

OCTOBER 1887, DIED, the eight year old son of Henry BECKMAN  of diphtheria Thursday.  This is the second child they lost in two weeks.
DIED of cramp, the infant child of August & Ida ANDERSON of St. Lawrence, age 7 mo. 23 days.
NOVEMBER 1887, Mrs. T. M. PITMAN died Friday evening at the family residence in Jordan of consumption after a protracted illness of 14 years.  Age 44. She leaves a husband and 9 children.  Funeral at the Presbyterian church, Rev. TANDY officiating.

NOV 9 (1887) --- Jenny LIND, the great singer, has departed this life.

DECEMBER 21 & 28, 1887, A 7 year old son of Mr. HUSAK, who lives near town, died of diphtheria.
DECEMBER 28, 1887, Mrs. Gertrude NACHBAR, 78, died at her home in Jordan Friday morning.  Born in Gross Vernich, Rhein Province, Germany, she married Mr. NACHBAR in her fatherland in 1840, and came with him to Minnesota in 1854.  They moved to Helena Township in 1855, where, by unceasing labor and preserverance, they sustained themselves and reared and educated six children, besides laying up an ample store of worldly goods for their old age.  They were among the early pioneers of the county, and had to deal with the wiley indian and "hard times" of the "50"s.  They lived in Jordan for the past five years. Funeral in the Catholic Church Saturday.  She leaves a family of six children and an aged husband.  She had suffered from asthma the past 10 years.




JANUARY 1888, A telegram has been received from Riverside, California, announcing the death of F. OCHSENREITER.  No particulars yet.
FEBRUARY 1888, Frank OCHSENREITER, 28, died of consumption at Riverside, California Jan 25.  Born in Bradford, Indiana, he moved to Jordan with his parents when but a child in 1865.  He passed the days of his childhood with his Jordan playmates until 1876, when he went to Belle Plaine and entered the drug store of MOLONEY & WEBELER as a pharmacist.  After three years he became a partner.  After being in business there seven years, he move to Bristol, Dakota in 1887 and engaged in the mercantile business, where he prospered financially and became a shining star in society circles.  Last autumn he became afflicted with that much dreaded disease, consumption.  He left his family and business and sought relief and health from the best doctors in St. Paul and Minneapolis and the genial climate of a Minnesota autumm, but to no avail.  Upon advise of his physicians, he departed for California, leaving a much beloved wife and two dear children, one of whom was born but a day previous to his departure, to seek health, but to die among strangers. In a short time after reaching that land of promises, he was confined to his bed.  Though he received the best og treatment, he gradually sank away, and died fortified by the sacraments of that church which had always been his belief to be the only true church.  He married Katie MONTAG at Belle Plaine April 14, 1885.  His brother, L. G. OCHSENREITER of Webster, Dakota, went to California expecting to meet him in life.  But on arriving was informed he had been dead four days.   The body was embalmed and brought to Jordan for burial.  A number of his friends escorted the remains to the home of his mother.  The casket was beautifully adorned with floral crosses and bouquets sent by kind friends.  He leaves a wife, mother, a son daughter and five brothers.
MARCH 1888, Mrs. Fred WERMERSKIRSCHEN of Helena township died yesterday, leaving a young husband of a year and an infant child.
MAY 1888, Andrew J. MCCOY, 57, died of consumption at his home in Jordan Thursday evening, May 10. Born in Pittsburgh, he came with his family to Sand Creek Township, where his parents died, in 1855.  IN 1871 he married Mary MARTIN,  who died Feb 6, 1887.  He was always a kind and loving husband until death cut those matrimonial ties and took his beloved wife from him.  He served three years in the U.S. Army.  He left two children, a daughter who has since died, and son. 

Florence MCCOY, 16 died of consumption at the family residence Monday morning, May 14.  She lived with her parents until that dreaded disease carried them away, and soon afterwards caused her friends to mourn her departure.  Florence was an associate of the young ladies of Jordan until last fall when her father's health began to fail, and they left for the south for the winter.  Here he gradually grew worse, and she contracted a cold which ended in consumption and caused her death.  It is sad to look on the affliction of this family withiin a little more than a year.  First the mother was taken, then the father, and only the morning after his burial the daughter., leaving a boy of 11 of the happy family of a year ago.  Mr. MCCOY  was interred by the side of his wife in Spirit Hill Cemetery Sunday, and Florence will be laid by the side of her parents today.

May 16 & 23, 1888, In New Market the four month old son of Mathias SEURER breathed its last Monday. Tuesday afternoon it was laid in the cool bosom of the earth, while it's soul entered eternal bliss.
MAY 30, 1888, John BUSCH, died at his home in Jordan Saturday of typhoid fever. Age 31.
JUNE 1888, DIED, Eddie METZNER, about 12, Sunday morning of typhoid fever.  Buried Tuesday.
JULY 1888, DIED, Abraham PLUMMER, born in Kentucky in 1814.  Move to Jordan in 1855.  The spirit of the aged gentleman fled from the mortal being June 30.
JULY 1888, A second of Mr. METZNER'S boys died yesterday of typhoid fever.  His brother died about two weeks since.  The demise of thse sons is very distressing to Mr. METZNER, as they were the support of the family.
JULY 1888, Anton KELSER, a young man of this village, fell victim to that now prevailing disease, typhoid fever, Saturday.  The funeral was held from the Catholic church Tuesday.
JULY 27, 1888, George HINDS, for two years and a half previous to January, 1886, editor of the Shakopee Argus, died at the home of his father Friday night.  He had been gradually sinking for the past nine years, and traveled in different climates without avail to restore good health.




JANUARY 1889,  Mrs. Frank NICOLIN, Sr. died at St. Lukes Hospital, St. Paul, of diabetes Sunday, Jan 27, age 54.  Born in Sennesdorf, Prussia, she came directly to Minnesota in 1857.  She married Frank Nicolin in LeSueur County in Oct., 1859.  Shortly afterwards, he started business in Jorda.  Maiden name, Sophia KOENIGSFELD.  They had seven children--six boys and one girl, of which five survive.  Willie died when a child, and Gerhard at the age of 18 in the summer of 1887.  When the Nicolins married, they, like most foreigners coming to this New World, were comparatively poor and baffled ith the adverse waves of life.  But with the help and advice of a loving, judicious wife, Frank Nicolin rose to be one of the wealthiest millers of the Minnesota Valley.  Suffering for several years with diabetes, she went to St. Paul for treatment under Dr. STONE, and remained at the hospital after an operation and had been performed.  She came home and spent Christmas with her family, looking quite well for the circumstances.  On Jan. 12 she had a second operation.  The happy family circle was broken at 11:30 a.m. Sunday.  Knowing their mother was very weak, her daughter and two eldest sons joined their father at her bedside Saturday, and the two younger sons Sunday morning.  The remains were brought to Jordan and escorted from the depot by about 300 friends.  The funeral was held from the Catholic church.  Attended by about 1, 500 people, it was the largest held in Jordan.

JANUARY 1889, DIED, Mrs. Jos. PODVOLECKY, breathed her last Saturday, Jan 26, after a lingering illness with sonsumption.  Born at Rovsein, Moravia, in 1868, she came to America with her parents in 1886 and settled near Silver Lake.  She married Jos. PODVOLECKY in 1887, and has lived since then in Jordan with her husband, proprietor of a furniture store on First Street.  A little girl about 9 months old is the only offspring remaining to mourn a departed mother.  Funeral from the Lutheran Church.  A large concourse of friends and relatives followed the remains to Sprit Hill cemetery.  She leaves a widowed husband of 18 months.





JANUARY & FEBRUARY 1890, Mrs. Peter RUPPERT, nee Annie SEMEC, 50, died at St. Joe.
Born in Bohemia in 1839, she came to Scott County and settled in New Prague in 1862.  She married Peter RUPPERT at St. Joe in January 1863.  She leaves a husband and nine children to mourn her loss.
Sigmond HEIN, 23, died at the home of his brother in Jordan of consumption.  The young man was one of those quiet, pleasant youths without an enemy.  Born in Germany, he came with his parents to Jordan when but a few months old.  For the past three years he was effected with the dreaded disease, but continued to work until a few months ago, when he ceased to toil, being very weak by then.  His parents were both dead, and he left two sisters--one of whom since died --and one brother to mourn his departure from earthly sorrows.
Lizzie HEIN, 18, died Sunday evening at the home of her brother in Jordan.  She leaves a large circle of schoolmates to sorrow for her untimely departure.  She was a member of the young ladies Catholic society.  For more than a year she had been ill, and at the very recent death of her brother, wished to die too.  But three days afterward she crossed the river to meet him in the land where there is no sorrow.  Pease to the ashes.  The funerals were held from the Catholic church.




JANUARY 1891, The infant daughter of Dr. & Mrs. D.A. KIRK died suddenly Tuesday.  The remains of their beloved and only daughter were interred in Spirit Hill cemetery.
FEBRUARY & MARCH 1891, Mrs. Louise KLINGBERG died of la grippe at her home near Fish Lake.
MARCH & APRIL 1891 DEATH'S HARVEST, "COLONEL" A. S. HOOPER. an old pioneer settler of Belle Plaine, died at his home in that borough Saturday.  He was 76 years of age.  (Jan. 29)




MARCH 1892 A child born to Mr. and Mrs. Jacob SHAAK near St. Joe Saturday died when but a few hours old.
Undertaker THOMPSON and hearse driver PFINNINGS of Belle Plaine were in charge of the remains of Dr. CHAMBERLIN, who died recently.  Mr. PFINNINGS has a fine hearse, and a "spanking" team.  And THOMPSON himself is quite a good-looking individual.
SEPTEMBER 1892, Mr. and Mrs. J. WERMERSKIRCHEN of Helena mourn the death of an infant child born Friday, but died soon after birth.


1893--Issues for the year are missing.




1894, Johnson BRAGG, died at Portland, Oregon July 21, according to telegrams received by his friends and relatives here.  No particulars of his death have yet been received.  He had been residing in Castle Rock, Montana, and was in Portland on business, and must have died quite suddenly.  He was a leading enterprising citizen in Jordan for several years.  At the time of his death he was one of the wealthiest citizens of Castle Rock.




1895, We are grieved to chronicle the death of two of Patrick MCDEVITT'S children from diphtheria the past week.  They were both small children, but two deaths in one week is sad.  The entire community sympathizes with the bereaved parents.
Eddie, the nine-year old son of Mr. Adam BRADEL, who resides on a farm in St. Lawrence township about three miles west of this city, committed suicide by hanging on Tuesday evening. The family was at supper about eight o'clock when the little fellow left the table and went to the barn where his father found him hanging about five minutes afterward. 
DIED, Little Geniveve, the 10 month old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jos. NICOLIN, departed this life Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock after a brief illness of a few days, with cholera infantum.




JANUARY & FEBRUARY 1896, DIED, the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. F WOLF jr. a few hours after birth.  Remains of the little one interred in the Catholic cemetery.  All condole the parents in the loss of their dear little one after such a short stay.






Frankie SCHMITT, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. G. C. SCHMITT died at St. Joseph's Hospital, St. Paul, where he had been taken for treatment.  Age 15 years.  He has been suffering with lung trouble for some time, and the best of medical aid proved fruitless.  Nine days before he died he underwent an operation for puss gathered in the lung cavity.  Another operation was performed, from which he recovered, but gradually grew weaker until death claimed him.  He was born in Jordan, and being reared and educated here, is mourned by a large number of  young friends and schoolmates.  The remains were brought to this city last evening, and were met at the depot by a large number of mourning relatives and friends and conveyed to his late home. Funeral in the Catholic Church Friday morning.