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Deaths reported in the Jordan Independent Newspapers, 1853-1900

Dalby Database. Burial records in Scott County Cemeteries (and many other counties) transcribed by John Dalby.  Database contains over 2 millions records total.

Czech National (New Prague) 33 Helena  
Mount Moriah 5 Belle Plaine  
Sacred Heart 6 Belle Plaine  
Spring Lake Cem. Spring Lake Twp.      
St. Benedicts 17 Helena  
St. Catherines 35 Spring Lake  
St. John Baptist (Calvary-Jordan) 19 Sand Creek  
St. Joseph 23 Sand Creek  
St. Mark's (Shakopee) 12 Eagle Creek  
St. Nicholaus 28 New Market  
St. Patrick's 17 Cedar Lake  
St. Peter & Paul 6 Belle Plaine  
St. Peter's 8 Credit River  
St. Wenceslaus (New Prague) 19 Helena  
West Christinania 13 New Market  


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